Don’t say Pandora never did anything for you.

You don’t always get what you want out of life. Sometimes, that’s the dirty hand you’ve been dealt. But other times, that’s your fault.

I’m of the mindset that you can fix most anything you’ve broken, and that you can end most anything you’ve started. I won’t discount the fact that some life extractions are more surgical than others, but I believe what has been done to you (or what you’ve done to yourself) has a better shot at being undone if you just start pulling at the corners.

I’m a Libra. This is of virtually no consequence to most things, save that I fit a Libra profile generally well. And just like the scales that represent the celestial sign, I’m a weigher. Certain decisions can be agonizing for me, if I don’t reel in the process quickly. If sharpened senses fail to catch it, I can find myself debilitated by indecision, so much that I get horribly mired in the details, and up looks exactly the same as down.

Perspective is a beautiful state of mind, though. And some things really are that simple.

There was a time when I was neck-deep in a situation that seemed insurmountable. And unsurvivable. So what did I do? I wasted my energy wracking my brain with permutations and proposed solutions to a problem that seemingly couldn’t be solved.

And then I was cleaning my humble little palace one day, and this song popped up on Pandora.

And just like that, the answer was simply, unquestioningly, crystal clear.

And I didn’t live my life that way.

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One thought on “Don’t say Pandora never did anything for you.

  1. melissa says:

    Thanks for posting this. The song is powerful and I LOVE the imagery in the video (the various things weighing them down especially).

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