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There’s always a first for everything.

Look, I know how buzz marketing works. While I am no expert, I completely get the basic tenets. Oh, sure, I also totally (claim to) understand SEM, too. And yes, I realize my latest three posts have been about Sarah Palin. Which means that I, too, am contributing to the epidemic that is Sarahmania. So it’s certainly not my place to curse it when I am just as guilty of causing it.

But can I just say one last (as far as you know) little thing?

My inability to cease obsessing over the Barracuda has now been officially documented for all to see. Um, yeah. My boss is totally gonna fill my plate with oversized helpings of juicy workyslop now! At least I’m not in it alone, I s’pose. Me and my paper trail, oh me, oh my. My mother always warned me about that, but did I heed her words? No, no, I did not.

But, like I see it, informing yourself is important. Crucial. Dire. Paramount, if you will. No matter when, where, how, or with whom it happens. And the more and more I read about Sarah Palin, the more critical it becomes that we make the right decision in November. Because if we screw it up this time, I’m not sure how many more chances this country will have left to rebound.

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